Research Assistant Kutsi Aybars Çetinalp delivered a seminar at Istanbul University titled “Close-Order Drill From Aelianus Tacticus to Maurits van Oranje.” The seminar investigated the evolution of military drill techniques from antiquity to the early modern period, highlighting pivotal figures and their contributions to the development of the art of war. 

Çetinalp began by discussing Aelianus Tacticus, a prominent 2nd-century Greek military writer whose work on warfare profoundly influenced Byzantine-Medieval and Early Modern military thought. The seminar then transitioned to examining the innovative tactics of Maurits van Oranje, the Dutch stadhouder and a key figure in the Dutch Revolt against Spanish rule in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. 

By analysing primary sources and historical documents, Çetinalp elucidated how the Dutch adapted and refined classical techniques to suit contemporary warfare, leading to more disciplined and effective armies. The seminar provided a comprehensive overview of the continuity and transformation of close-order drill, demonstrating its significance in the broader context of military history and today’s military practices. Attendees gained valuable insights into the intricate relationship between historical context and military innovation.