In the Social History Journal (Toplumsal Tarih), no.360, December 2023, Associate Professor Umut Uzer wrote the article Jerusalem: The Objective of two clashing nationalisms (“Kudüs: Çarpışan İki Milliyetçiliğin Hedefi”)

In this study, Dr. Uzer analysed the competing claims over the holy city as both Palestinians and Israelis claim the city as their capital. Moreover, diplomatic representation in Jerusalem is meticulously discussed as far as the existence of five embassies and eight consulate generals in the city which demonstrate the political approach of the sending country are concerned.

In other words, those countries which have consulates in Jerusalem do not recognize Israeli sovereignty over the city but rather perceive the status of the city to be indeterminate to be discussed between the Palestinian and Israelis.  In conclusion, Jerusalem lies at the heart of the quest for Palestinian statehood.

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