Asena Kaşıkçı, Ramazan Katırcı, Sadin Özdemir, M. Serkan Yalçın, and Mukaddes Özçeşmeci*

In this research has been examined by Associate Professor Dr. Mukaddes Özçeşmeci’s laboratory group. The present work has been supported by Istanbul Technical University─Scientific Research Projects Unit (ITU-BAP) [Project Numbers: 43768] and published in the RSC Dalton Transactions. In this study, new N, N, N pincer-type metal-free ligand and its metal complexes bearing (2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxolan-4-yl)methoxy and glycerol groups were synthesized and characterized successfully. In addition, the study evaluated the binding affinities of glycerol group substituted bis(2-pyridylamino)isoindoline (BPI) derivatives to DNA using docking simulations. Furthermore, antioxidant, DNA nuclease activity, antimicrobial, photodynamic antimicrobial therapy, bacterial cell viability inhibition, antibiofilm, and antidiabetic activities of these compounds were also investigated. All glycerol group substituted BPI derivatives especially metal chelates exhibited promising biological activities. So they can used in medicine industries for several applications after further investigations.