On September 21, 2023, Hatice Şeyma Selbesoğlu, a research assistant from Istanbul Technical University (ITU), participated at the 42nd Scientific Instrument Symposium held in Palermo, Italy. In her presentation, titled "Extraction of Arrows in Graeco-Roman Antiquity: Instruments and Methods in Texts," Selbesoğlu collaborated with Prof. Dr. Tuncay Zorlu and Prof. Dr. Aytekin Çökelez from ITU.

The scholarly discourse put forth by Selbesoğlu encompassed an interdisciplinary investigation delving into the ancient Greek and Roman civilisations' approaches to arrow wounds and the extraction of arrows from the human body. This research serves to illuminate a historically understudied nexus between classical texts and contemporary medical instruments.

Drawing upon a diverse array of classical texts hailing from both Eastern and Western traditions, including but not limited to the works of Celsus, Albucasis, Paul of Aegina, Rufus of Ephesus, Oribasius, Aetius of Amida, and Hippocrates, Selbesoğlu's research yielded invaluable insights into the surgical practices of antiquity. Emphasizing the dual functionality of these ancient surgical instruments, her work transcended their military origins, demonstrating their broader applications in civilian surgical procedures—an epochal advancement in the annals of medical history and contemporary surgical methodologies.

ITU's active participation in this distinguished international symposium not only underscores the institution's commitment to cutting-edge interdisciplinary research but also exemplifies its dedication to advancing the boundaries of knowledge. Hatice Şeyma Selbesoğlu's presentation stands as a testament to the institution's academic excellence and its unwavering pursuit of scholarly innovation on the global stage.