On the 9th of November 2023, Dr. Saltuk Duran delivered a scholarly exposition clarifying his research titled, "Cemeteries as Places of Memory of the Crimean War in Istanbul: A Comparative Study of the French and Ottoman Commemorative Cultures." The presentation took place within the intellectual milieu of the conference themed "Ressusciter la guerre oubliée de la France: la guerre de Crimée de 1853-1856" held in Dublin, Ireland.

Dr. Duran's meticulous exploration delved into the multifaceted role that cemeteries play as repositories of memory related to the Crimean War in Istanbul, offering a comparative analysis of the commemorative cultures observed in both the French and Ottoman contexts. His scholarly endeavour sought to unravel the nuances of how these burial grounds serve as poignant sites of remembrance, encapsulating the historical legacy and collective memory associated with the Crimean War.

The academic discourse presented by Dr. Saltuk Duran not only enriched the conference with its insightful content but also contributed to the broader scholarly understanding of how societies engage with and commemorate historical conflicts. By focusing on the comparative aspects of French and Ottoman (also including Early Republican Era) commemorative cultures, Dr. Duran's work unveils intricate layers of historical consciousness, shedding light on the diverse ways in which nations remember and memorialize pivotal events such as the Crimean War.

This intellectual undertaking underscores Dr. Duran's dedication to rigorous academic inquiry and adds a meaningful dimension to the ongoing scholarly dialogue surrounding historical memory, war commemoration, and the cultural significance of cemeteries. The dissemination of such research findings in international academic forums serves to foster a deeper understanding of the interplay between history, culture, and collective memory.