In October 2023, Professor Dr. Aydan Turanlı published a book chapter titled “Bilim, Teknoloji ve Toplum Şemsiye bir Terim Olabilir mi? Latour-Bloor Tartışması” (‘Can Science, Technology and Society’ be an Umbrella Term? The Latour-Bloor Debate). This scholarly endeavor emerged as part of a commemorative volume marking the 100th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic, tited “Aydınlanmalar, Demokrasi ve Günümüz üzerine Düşünceler” (Reflections on Enlightenment, Democracy and Contemporary Issues).

The academic discourse initiated by Prof. Dr. Turanlı serves as a beacon for intellectual exploration, inviting readers to critically engage with the complex relationships between science, technology, and society. Through a meticulous analysis of the Latour-Bloor debate, the chapter offers insights that contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the profound impact of scientific and technological advancements on the fabric of contemporary society.

By contextualizing these discussions within the broader framework of the Turkish Republic's centennial celebration, the chapter not only underscores the timeless relevance of these themes but also situates them within the specific historical and cultural context of Turkey.