The book describes the prevalence of conspiracy theories in Turkiye and their impact on society. It highlights how conspiracy theories are used to explain events and shape them. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Doğan Gürpınar argues that the consumption of conspiracy theories has become a basic necessity in Turkish society and that they are constantly being produced and circulated through various mediums including social media. The Book offers a tour of different types of conspiracy theories, such as how they intersect and overlap, suggesting that for those who believe in conspiracies, reality becomes increasingly slippery.

In our distinguished geography, where the cards are shuffled every day by invisible hands and dark tales always try to shape our lives, the consumption of conspiracy theories has become one of the basic necessities. Conspiracy theories not only explain reality but also shape it. From television to newspapers, YouTube videos, government reports to expert agenda analyses, our local and national conspiracy theory industry works 24/7. The hidden workings behind what we see in conversations from cafes to third generation coffee shops are revealed, exposing what is actually happening and thus revealing the wolves in sheep's clothing. Conspiracies lead to the creation of new ones, feeding each other and creating alternative realities.

With the age of social media, conspiracies have become even more organic and collective. In addition to its own locally-made conspiracies, Turkey has added numerous imported conspiracies to its repertoire in recent years. It seems that numerous plots, personal and societal, are attacking our political field, our daily lives, our privacy, and our bodies, against both domestic and foreign factions, fueling our fears of division, vaccine and food panics.

This informative and entertaining book offers a tour of Islamic, nationalist, patriotic, leftist, and liberal conspiracy theories, revealing the transitions and integrations between ideological lines.