1. "Development of Lightweight and Sustainable Composite Materials Alternative to Wood-based Composites Used in the Automotive Sector", which is presented under the sub-title of Lightening Technologies, under the direction of APYK 4 TEMSA SKODA, of the research program named "Environmentally Compatible Sustainable Advanced Vehicle Technologies" applied by ITU within the scope of the Center of Excellence Support Program (TUBITAK 1004). The sub-project named 22AG018 has been carried out by Prof. Nilgün Kızılcan will provide consultancy services on the preparation and characterization of bio-based and hybrid adhesives, the development of bio-based resin formulations, the review of plate printing parameters and results, the determination of optimum conditions in prototype production, and the writing of project reports.


  2. TÜBİTAK 1004 "Environmentally Compatible Sustainable Advanced Vehicle Technologies" "Development and Integration of Automotive Compatible PEM Type Fuel Cell Module and System Components" in APYK5.2 under the direction of Eskişehir University

Start Date: 1.3.2923 End Date: 1.3.2027

With TUBITAK 2244 University-Industry Doctorate Program, Assoc. Dr. Nesrin Köken gave the first doctorate graduates in the PST program in 2022, with the details of which are written below, in the project titled "Development of Resin Systems with Low Formaldehyde mission or without Formaldehyde", and they have employed in the company.


Ümran Burcu Alkan (2244 Scholarship) ( İTÜ Graduate Education Institute Polymer Science And Technology (PST) “Development Of Adhesive Resin Systems With Low Formaldehyde Emission For The Wood Based Panel Industry”

Start Date: 01.02. 2018, Join Date: 29.07. 2022. YOK Ref.No 10476012.

She is currently employed at Kastamonu Entegre A.Ş.

Salise Oktay (2244 Scholar) (515182005) ITU Graduate Education Institute. Polymer Science And Technology (PST) “Development of Cornstarch and Tannin-Based Wood Adhesives for Interior Particleboard Production”

Start Date: 31.01. 2019. Completion Date: 22.09.2022 Thesis Reference No: 10497102.

She is currently employed at Kastamonu Entegre A.Ş.

2244 Scholars with project coordinator, academic advisors and Tübitak Education Scholarship and Event Supports (BİDEB) Group Coordinator Dr. Metin DEMİRSOY at the new Research Laboratory of the Chemistry Department. (D-108)