Prof. Dr. Aslı Tolun's research group at ITU MOBGAM is working on the identification of new disease genes. One of her favorite studies is gene discovery related to pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis, which is common in our country. This study is also the first gene discovery study completely conducted in our country. Prof. Dr. Aslı Tolun also carried out studies at the research center headed by James Watson, who discovered the 3D double helix structure of DNA. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Aslı Tolun is the first and only woman scientist from Turkiye who is a member of the Europe Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO).

The book "Herkes İçin Genetik" written by Prof. Dr. Aslı Tolun was published by İTÜ Vakfı Yayınları and this book is the first book of the Popular Science Books Series of İTÜ Vakfı Yayınları. The book describes the different types of inheritance, how genes work, the types of mutations and the effects of mutations. In addition, the genetics of hereditary diseases are described in great detail. The book also conveys to the reader how mutations that have been selected in certain societies drive evolution and how the genetics supports evolution. In addition to all these, common applications of genetics such as stem cell application, cloning, genetically modified organism and biotechnology are mentioned in the book. In the last part, ethical problems and future scenarios in the field of genetics are included. A very important point about this book is that all royalties of the 1st edition of the book were donated to the ITU Foundation Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships to the students of Istanbul Technical University.