Çıngıraklı Tatar is the second humor magazine published by Teodar Kasap after the closure of the first humor magazine, Diyojen. The Ottoman Turkish version of the magazine continued publishing between April 5, 1873, and July 18, 1873, with 29 issues in total while the Greek version was published between June 5, 1873, and July 19, 1873, also with 29 issues. Now, after 150 years, the magazine is back on the shelves thanks to translations from Dr. Stefo Benlisoy, Alp Eren Topal, and Seval Sahin.


As one of the most prolific and influential writers of his generation Teodor Kasap, assisted Alexandre Dumas in Paris for ten years, sided with Giuseppe Garibaldi in the Italian independence struggle, and left his mark on Ottoman journalism, which was still flourishing, with the newspapers he published one after another after returning to Istanbul in 1870. With Diyojen and Çıngıraklı Tatar he paved the way for the humor genre of magazines in the Ottoman Empire.

Unfortunately, this notable Ottoman Greek from Kayseri and his intellectual legacy remained mostly hidden under the ruins of the past. Now, after 150 years readers can once again read his work and explore the complex social existences and Istanbul through Kasap's often sarcastic mastery of humor and literature through the careful translation by Dr. Stefo Benlisoy and his co-authors.