The study titled “Hopf Bifurcation of a financial dynamical system with delay” was published in Journal: Mathematics and Computers in Simulation by ITU Mathematics Engineering faculty members Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Demirci and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cihangir Özemir.

The aim of this work is to investigate the qualitative behaviour of a financial dynamical system which contains a time delay. It is investigated the dynamic response of this system of which variables are interest rate, investment demand, price index and average profit margin. As a plus to the available literature, the model investigated takes into account timed delayed feedback in the investment demand. It is performed a stability analysis at the fixed points and is shown that the system undergoes a Hopf bifurcation using well-known methods of stability analyses for delayed systems. The bifurcation analyses are supported by numerical simulations. The analysis reveals that for a set of parameters for which the non-delayed system is stable, a delay in the investment demand may drive the system to instability.