This study has been carried out in the research lab of Prof. Dr. Zehra Bayır and published in the Dalton Transactions in 2022. Bayır et. al synthesized novel 2-(4-ethynyl-N,N-dimethylaniline)-substituted metallophthalocyanines and modified the surface of gold nanoparticles in this study. The biological properties of all the newly synthesized compounds and their nanogold hybrids including the antioxidant, antimicrobial, biofilm inhibition, DNA cleavage, cell viability, antimicrobial photodynamic activities have been extensively studied, as well. Their high biological activities confirmed that new compounds are promising medical materials for different purposes. In the literature, a few studies report the synthesis and characterization of phthalocyanines-metal nanoparticles owing to the synthetic difficulties, hence, their functional properties especially biological properties have not been extensively studied. The present study can hopefully fill the vacancy for scientific research on the findings of efficient multi-functional drugs.