The article entitled “Layer-by-Layer self-assembled emerging systems for nanosized drug delivery” by our faculty members from Chemistry Department, Dr. Res. Ass. Nejla Cini (Corresponding author and article proposer) and Asst. Prof. Dr. Ferah Calisir, has been accepted to be published in Nanomedicine journal. With an impact factor of 6.096, the journal is one of the most precious journals in the field of medicine (miscellaneous) and welcomes unsolicited article proposals.


As the first published article from the Chemistry Department in the field of nanomedicine, this article highlights the recent advances in the design of nanosized drug delivery systems and aims to provide a global view of Layer-by-Layer (LbL) self-assembled Polyelectrolyte Multilayers (PEMs) used as therapeutic vehicles and emerging drug loading and release strategies.