(TÜBİTAK 1001 Project, Project Number: 122Z563)

Project Manager: Çağatay ALTINKÖK

In this project, it is aim to develop a method for combined therapy approach supported by hyperthermia that will minimize the aforementioned problems and directly target tumor cells and enable the use of low-dose chemotherapy drugs. The concept consists of a gold nano-rod (AuNR) that will provide hyperthermia effect under the influence of radio frequency (RF) as core, a thermoresponsive polymer glucose groups (that will direct it to the target tumor tissue) and encapsulating chemotherapeutic drug (Paclitaxel and Cisplatin) as shell. These nano-sized structures are expected to create local hyperthermia (42-46 ⁰C) under RF, the thermoresponsive polymers will eventually release drug. Thus, the system will allow combining hyperthermia and chemotherapy. The responses of lung and breast cancer cells to this combined therapy system will be examined in vitro and the effectiveness of the developed method will be investigated.