Mathematical Engineering Program

ITU Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Mathematics was established in 1971 under the name of Faculty of Natural Sciences and took its current name in 1982. Faculty of Arts and Sciences is the oldest faculty of Ayazağa Campus. The first established department of the faculty is the Department of Mathematical Engineering, which started to admit students in the 1973-1974 academic year and gave its first graduates in 1977.

Mathematical Engineering Program

Every moment of life is based on the balance of numbers. Focusing on numbers, which are the basis of life, the Mathematical Engineering Program provides training in theoretical and applied mathematics, the mathematical solution of engineering and economic problems and conducts research on these issues. In addition to the compulsory and elective courses that provide mathematics courses and engineering formation, applied courses on computer and finance are given to the students; They gain the ability to define, model and solve scientific problems.

Besides to the academic fields, the graduates of the department work in different business areas such as finance, banking, defense industry research laboratories, insurance, health, medicine, food, ready-made clothing and informatics sectors.

Department's web site: Mathematical Engineering

Research Topics

  • Analysis / Functional Analysis
  • Algebra
  • Algebraic Structures and Their Representations
  • Graph Theory
  • Differential equations
  • Differential Geometry
  • Fractal Geometry
  • Statistics
  • Complex Analysis
  • Mathematical Finance and Economics
  • Optimization / Control Theory
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Topology
  • Data analysis