Mathematics and Computer Club


Mathematics and Computer Club, which was founded in 1996, prepares future engineer candidates for the sector, while helping students with studies to increase and protect their academic success. With the restructuring it went through in 2016, our club has carried out and continues to carry out many projects aiming to bring students together with graduates, to form volunteer-based course groups between upper and lower terms, and to raise awareness of mathematics.

Club President:  Can Topbaştekin
Club's Facebook page: itumbkiletisim
Club's Instagram page:  itumbk

Physics Engineering Club


It was established as ITU Physics Club in the 2007-2008 academic year. Our club, which has continued its activities since this date, is a student club that continues its activities with its dynamic staff, new name, logo and big goals in the 2010-2011 academic year. It works with the Chamber of Physics Engineers and İTÜ İİKM. The club, which has 128 registered members, continues its activities under the roof of ITU Culture and Art Union.

Club President:  Roni Can Şahin
Website of the club: ITU Physics Engineering Club

Chemistry Club

kımIt is a student club which was restructuring in 2005 from the already existing Chemistry Preparation Club within the Department of Chemistry. With its new face, ITÜKİM has ceased to be a club serving only the students of the Department of Chemistry; It has also gained the feature of being a social-science club where all ITU students interested in chemistry in general can come together.

Our club, which carries out its activities with the joint participation of all members, is one of the important expertise clubs of ITU. Besides, our club is one of the leading chemistry student societies in Turkey.

Club President:  Selin Özsoylu
Club's Facebook page: itukimyakulubu
Club's Instagram page:  itu_kimyakulubu



The ITU iGEM team was established in 2016 by the undergraduate students of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics of Istanbul Technical University to participate in the iGEM competition held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology every year and to find solutions to the fundamental problems in the field of molecular biology and genetics by using synthetic biology approaches.

Team Leader: Galip Can Güçlü
Team's Twitter page: ituigem2016
Club's Instagram page: ituigem21