The main mission of Faculty of Science and Letters is to give education at global standards within 5 departments and 4 undergraduate programs as well as in undergraduate and graduate programs of Istanbul Technical University in the fields of engineering, fundamental sciences, and social sciences. The basis of our understanding of education is to educate our students as individuals who can think analytically, who are problem solvers, who are open to critical thinking, who have scientific and technical competence, and who can produce knowledge. It is our duty to contribute to the production and dissemination of knowledge, and to its transfer to the society.


The vision of Faculty of Science and Letters is to train innovative individuals who can respond to the needs of our partners, who have scientific and technical competence and who are suitable for multidisciplinary studies; and to pioneer at global level in research and scientific output in natural and social sciences.

Our Core Values

  • Participative, shared, and people oriented management approach.

  • Openness to development, innovation and differences.

  • Entrepreneurship based on continuous development and competitiveness.

  • Quality in education and research based on ethical rules.

  • Transparency and impartiality.

  • Satisfaction of academic-administrative staff, students and other partners.

 Goals and Objectives

  • To raise graduates and researchers who have a strong background in fundamental sciences and engineering fields such as Mathematics, Physics Engineering, Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics, who are problem solvers, who can make unique designs, who have professional and ethical responsibility and effective communication skills, and who realize the importance of lifelong learning,

  • To educate individuals who carry out scientific and applied researches on contemporary technologies and multidisciplinary engineering topics,

  • To do research to contribute to science and technology at national and international level, to publish these, and to turn them into a product

  • To train faculty members who will conduct qualified education and research and who will respond to current needs,

  • To develop and provide services in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, molecular biology and genetics in line with the needs of the industry,

  • To educate the students in the field of social sciences with various courses, projects, and seminars on topics such as politics, ethics, aesthetics, cultural studies and history which intersect with research and daily life and to carry out scientific research within this scope.