Novel Approaches for Visible Light-Induced Systems; Chain-growth Condensation Polymerization, Syntheses of Fluorescent Polymers and Possibility of 3D Printing with the collaboration of Ortyl Group in Poland.

As we are moving towards to more sustainable world, demand in more sustainable ways in every field is taking more and more importance. Light-induced polymerizations attract high attention in recent days because of this reason. In addition to their higher temporal, spatial control, light-induced systems are greener, more efficient and faster too. There is also a recently developing method for increasing the rate, obtained molecular weight and yield of polymerizations which is called chain-growth condensation polymerization. The method states that if the oligomers and polymers are more reactive than the monomers, polymerization does not require an absolute molar balance between monomers and the resulting chains tend to have higher molecular weight. Yagci Research Group was able to combine these two hot topics in one pot at the recent research and offered a unique way to conduct polymerization using Friedel-Crafts type electrophilic aromatic substitution reactions. Researches were published in two field-leading journals, Chemical Communications and Macromolecular Rapid Communications.

Their works were not unnoticed. Hüseyin Cem Kılıçlar was invited to Poland for 10 days to conduct research with Ortyl Group by PROM Project at the Cracow University of Technology to work on the kinetic investigation and 3D printing possibilities of recently developed reaction method. Researches and collaborations on the subject are still proceeding to further develop the method.