For students who have passed the xxx492/E Graduation Work course or are enrolled in this course in the 2020 Spring semester, you can access the internship principles to be applied in the 2020 Spring semester due to the Covid-19 outbreak from the link below.
Remote Internship Essentials
You can create a help ticket for your questions(n) about these principles.

Accordingly, the scope of distance internships to be made are as follows.
Faculty of Arts and Sciences Distance Internship Scope

Students who have not yet taken the Graduation Study course can do internship within the framework of ITU Internship General Principles; however, due to the pandemic process, it is recommended that they do an online internship within the scope of the above distance internship. Students who do not choose this option can do their internship later, or they can do their internships face to face, being aware of the risks brought by the epidemic.

Pandemic Period Internship Application Rules