Fuat Topuz was awarded the Young Scientists Award in the field of chemistry by the Science Academy in 2022.  We present to you his latest publications.


Advances In the Development of Cyclodextrin-Based Nanogels/Microgels for Biomedical Applications: Drug Delivery and Beyond

By Fuat Topuz (ITU) & Tamer Uyar (Cornell)

Carbohydrate Polymers (2022) 297, 120033.

This paper summarizes the advances in the development of cyclodextrin based nanogels/microgels for biomedical applications.  The use of cyclodextrins (CDs) as pharmaceutical excipients in nanogels dramatically increases the loading capacity of lipophilic drugs while improving their stability, bioavailability, and permeability due to their ability to incorporate drugs into their somewhat lipophilic cavity. In the review, the synthesis and biomedical applications of CD-based nanogels/microgels are summarized in terms of the role of CD in nanogel synthesis. The applications of CD-based nanogels for cancer/tumor drug therapy are also discussed.